Nova Iskra

Nova Iskra
Nova iskra is a unique meeting point of the emerging creative professionals and forward-thinking business.

What we do

We manage design and employ innovation in order to discover new values in the fields of creative business, education, social improvement and empowerment of local communities.

How we do it

Our multifaceted platform embraces the design process as a starting point for developing problem-solving ideas, projects and services by assigning them with tailor-made, transdisciplinary teams comprised of leading experts, professionals and creatives.

Why we do it

We use progressive ideas and experiences from the creative domain as a tool to empower, update and develop small and medium-sized businesses, as well as to provide creative and business support to entrepreneurs, on a local or global level. We are determined to affirm the young, emerging talents and provide them with opportunities to be the agents of change and local economic growth, alongside with the companies which share our values.

Our values

Our values


· our professional community
· our local community
· as a value
· as a potential


· in design
· in business
· in process
· in thinking


· to change
· to all creative disciplines
· to challenges
· to making mistakes


· to our network of creatives
· to our clients & deadlines
· to design as a profession
· to our community, to ourselves


· of our team
· of our vision and values
· of authorship
· of ideas
Join us and our networks of professionals and creatives - whether you are a designer, company, expert, educator, organization, entrepreneur or a public institution. Feel free to get in touch or visit us!

What’s inside?

What’s inside?

More than two and half years in the making, design incubator NOVA ISKRA officially opened the doors of its multifunctional 350 m2 workspace in downtown Belgrade on December 6th 2012.

A group of cultural managers and entrepreneurs with decade-long and diverse experiences in local, regional and international projects have developed a unique platform which incorporates three core levels of activity - the pioneering COWORKING initiative in the Balkan region; INNOVATION PLATFORM which includes education programs and local and international projects from the fields of emerging creativity, innovation and social design; and finally, services and training programs from the CREATIVE BUSINESS domain, aimed at forward-thinking companies and clients, designers and entrepreneurs.

Our COWORKING segment supports young, emerging professionals of diverse creative and design backgrounds by offering them the use of a one of a kind, full-capacity office and workspace for up to 20 members, at below-market value fairs. For more information on terms and resources please visit our coworking page.

Through the INNOVATION PLATFORM we think, initiate, develop, design and implement diverse thought-provoking, education and social awareness programs. We educate, train and connect social businesses with creative practitioners in order to achieve their full potentials. We offer out-of-the-box solutions to public institutions and policy makers, as well as to market-oriented companies.

Our focus on the CREATIVE BUSINESS domain intends to establish conditions for the elaborative and fruitful collaboration between the creative practitioners and forward-thinking businesses, mediated by the experienced Nova Iskra team. Whether we are talking about a single product or packaging redesign, or a strategic development plan for an entire company, service or a brand, Nova Iskra is ready to invest its full capacities.

Our membership-based networks

Our membership-based networks
Nova iskra and collaborates with a number of private and public institutions, as well as with an ever-growing network of over 250 creative individuals from the region of SouthEast Europe. All of our affiliates are a part of one of our professional, membership-based networks:


DESIGNERS LAB is our most limited and our closest network of collaborators. Up to 20 designers of diverse profiles, selected each December based on an annual open call, get a chance to use the conveniences of the Nova Iskra workspace on a monthly membership basis, and to share it with the management team of NI. Designers Lab is intended to support young creatives who are at the beginning of their careers and are in need for professional working environment, exchange of experiences and encounters with clients and industry representatives.


CREATIVE HUB is our extended and most valuable community of more than 250 affiliated creative professionals from a wide range of disciplines - from web development or programming, over product and service design all the way to interior design, architecture, visual communications, branding, packaging design, interactive content development and beyond. It also includes design and architectural studios and other professionals who are taking part in our programs, as lecturers and external collaborators or participants.


INDUSTRY HUB brings together small and middle-sized companies and enterprises active in the areas of business and manufacturing. In cooperation with the members, we organize training programs, study visits for designers and professional exchanges, at the same affirming the role and importance of design and creativity in the development, production, marketing and sales of products and services. In this way, we aim to help local companies grow and find their way onto the international markets.

Our Management

Our Management

Last but not least, the NOVA ISKRA MANAGEMENT TEAM is what makes our design incubator unique, special and so efficient. The broad experience of this carefully selected team of managers and professionals is ready to accommodate any project or task with reliable, forward-thinking solutions, tangible results and an enjoyable but meticulous workflow.

General Manager
Marko Radenković
Born in 1984 in Belgrade, graduated at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, direction management and production in theatre, radio and culture, where he is currently engaged as an assistent. One of the founders of FIST, producer of Laser Summit of Cheap Graphics, one of the organizers of 45th October Salon, 40th BITEF Festival and numerous other events.
Designers Lab Manager
Miljan Peljević
Born in 1979. in Belgrade. Producer and manager in culture. Founder of Culture Act and producer in DIGIMEDIA studios. He participated in the establishment of the various festivals, organization of numerous concerts, theater performances, music videos, exhibitions and other activities in the field of culture and entertainment.
Project Coordinator
Neda Šorak
Graduated at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. Gained working experience in international festivals and strategic documents for cultural development. She is active as part of several organizations: Academica, Dis–patch and Nova Iskra. Mostly working as executive producer of cultural events, researches, exhibitions and festivals.
Program Manager
Relja Bobić
Independent author, curator, cultural manager and consultant. Founder of Belgradeyard Sound System collective and the festival platform and association Dis-patch, where he is active as the artistic and executive director. Occasionally active as DJ, musician, journalist, lecturer and translator.
GM Pacific Region Office
Nikola Grujic
Born in 1983 in Belgrade. Graduated at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, direction Management and production in theatre, radio and culture. Over the course of his career, participated in the realization of various projects in culture, art and multimedia. Design and new technologies great fan.
Project Manager
Aleksandra Savanović
Aleksandra Savanović, graduated International Relations at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade, and gained her MA degree at the Institute for Sociology at Freie University in Berlin. Worked as program and project coordinator, expert associate and contributor in numerous projects with focus on culture and art, gender politics and marginal groups.
Media & PR
Olga Jorgačević
Olga was born in 1990, In Belgrade. In 2013 she finished High School of Fine and Applied Arts department of graphic design. She participated in group exhibitions at home and abroad. She is currently working as a graphic designer for the Nova Iskra, design incubator.
Design Library Coordinator
Tamara Todorić
Born 1983, Belgrade. Graduated in Interior design at Politecnico di Milano, where she has also obtained a Masters degree. Graduated in Interior architecture at Academy of Fine Arts, where she holds an assistant position at the Urban design course. Worked on numerous projects and events in Milan, London and Belgrade.
Project Coordinator
Minja Bogetić
Born in 1987. year. She is finishing the Management of art production at the Academy of Fine Arts. She was engaged in projects in the field of cinema. Currently she works on development of communication strategy within the Nova Iskra.
Projektni koordinator
Kristijan Šujević
Born in 1986. in Rovinj, Istria. Advanced university student of Management and Production of Theatre, Radio and Culture in Belgrade, Serbia. Over the course of his career, as a producer and executive producer, he has participated in the production of many theatre plays, as well as theatre, film and music festivals and conferences.
Creative Hub Manager
Nana Radenković
Art historian, manager in culture, professor at FMK and a founder of KidsPatch platform - project for creative development of children. Worked within numerous institutions and projects including Museum of Contemporary Art, ViceVerse, Film Center Serbia, Center for Cultural Decontamination, Dis-Patch festival and many more.