Happy Honey

06 Jul 2017

On Thursday July, 6th the first urban hive was installed at Nova Iskra and a tasting of innovative Happy Honey products (combination of raw honey and fruit) was held in the company of hundreds of bees, food and design enthusiasts. Since its beginning Nova iskra has been developing and supporting various similar initiatives. In addition to the first urban garden in Belgrade, where more than 50 species of plants from all over the world are located, this is just one more proof that the workplace in the city center can be in touch with nature.


The hive is a donation of Marko Miljaljović, a beekeeper from Ražanj. The event was supported by Belgrade Association of beekeepers.


In many countries there is a growing presence of bee breeding in urban areas. The most prominent urban beekeeping is being developed in the big cities of North America as well as in large cities in Europe. Some great examples are: beehives located on the building of the European Environmental Protection Agency in Copenhagen, as well as in Berlin on the parliament building. Belgrade is starting to follow these trends and we will soon see hives on the flat roofs of our city. It is assumed that cities are a good place for bees to live in where foods are abundant due to city parks and green areas where pesticides are not used, unlike the commercial agricultural estates. Vienna, for example, is the home of many bees and the number so far is around 5,000, taken care by 600 beekeepers.


Besides being an irreplaceable link in a healthy ecosystem and pollinators of most plants that make up our diet, bees are highly organized communities, from which we can learn a lot about, not only the nature and importance of biodiversity, but also about management, higher community goals, communication and production of top-quality products. The newly implemented hive at Nova Iskra will place this important part of nature in a visible place and in contact with its coworking users and visitors to remind us that these small, worthy creatures have an indispensable role in our busy lives.


Happy Honey startap je novi brend, sto posto prirodan proizvod, bez zagrevanja i dodataka, umereno sladak pa ga mogu jesti i deca i odrasli. Sirov med je samo jedna od prednosti ovog proizvoda a voće (liofilizovano) i organski kakao i đumbir su tu za savršenu boju i neobično dobar ukus. 


Happy Honey startup is a new brand of one 100% natural product, made without any heating and additives, moderately sweet so it can be eaten by both children and adults. Raw honey is just one of the benefits of this product and the fruit (lyophilized) , organic cocoa and ginger are there for perfect color and unusually good taste.